Benefits of using QBI software

Benefits of using QBI software

Our solar asset management platform will help you effectively manage the different photovoltaic systems in your portfolio. Besides, our experience in the energy industry is reflected in the central part of our tool and additional services.

Thanks to our life-cycle solution, It will help you prevent fees and other legal implications due to missing compliances and regulations. And, in addition to this, QBI’s tool will assist you in applying preventative maintenance and increasing power generation to reduce risk and improve investment performance.

centralized data

Build a centralized data warehouse and build a data-driven strategy for your solar asset project.

data quality and events management

Remove noisy data and let QBI’s intelligent algorithm deal with data quality and Events management.

Collaborative and flexible

QBI is collaborative and flexible. Powered by MS Azure cloud-based platform for added security and endless scalability.

Customize the platform design to your specific needs

Customize the platform design to your specific needs and your business look and feel, and automate your deliverables with QBI.

Start making decisions based on reliable business

Start making decisions based on reliable business insights instead of intuitions.


and start managing your solar asset portfolio with QBI software



End-to-end business platform

All departments can work together under the same environment using a single source of truth for documentation, pipeline management, compliance, performance and financial data …

Health and Safety Management

Capture, track, and report all your near-misses or incidents, ensure compliance, and improve your safety.

Reporting and Advanced Analytics

Integrate all data sources and impact your business, building a centralized data warehouse and avoiding meaningless KPIs. Field technical data, ERPs financial information, O&M tickets… all under the same platform.

Land Management

Control the surface signed and needed, landowner relationship, cost per Acre, lease agreements, right of use, contacts, and everything else.

Automated invoicing

Generate invoices automatically by connecting to your energy meters and send them from the platform - as easy as it sounds.

Tasks and Compliance

Solar energy has unique compliance requirements. Ensure your portfolios meet these requirements with our management platform

Document Management and VDRs

From our platform, you can manage and share all your contracts and documents. Speed up your deals, track users, and file activity with secure virtual data rooms.

Fully customizable tool

The software can be tailored to specific customer needs, using exactly the same parameters, KPIs, and terminology to ensure an easy integration within your team.

Legal Entities

QBI covers the corporate management of all the legal entities within your organization, carries out the monitoring of subsidiaries and shares and centralizes all data.

Collaborate with your team

Multi-role based permission levels for internal team members and external stakeholders to grant access to exactly what they need.

“Having a single tool to collaborate with all the stakeholders is very useful for us, we save a lot of time avoiding the back and forth of documents, projects milestones evolution reporting… We simply create an access for the potential buyers during the due diligence process and they have full access to updated information”
Daniel Perez, PV Business Development Manager. Ampertec Energy
“QBI allows us to manage a very complex fleet composed of assets of many different sizes and locations. We have in a single tool all documentation, compliance tasks, and technical performance integrated with financial info. The team saves a large amount of reporting hours having our deliverables at one click and with a single source of truth for all the organization”
Ricardo Fabre, Head of Asset Management Goldman Sachs Renewable Power
“With QBI I finally obtained full traceability from the kWh to the CAFD with all the granularity and at one click for all the portfolio. Transparence in front of the investors is key to gain their confidence and this tool allow us to have all the data from the original sources with no human intervention in the reporting”
Carlos Bendito, Partner at Aurea Capital Partners

Frequently asked questions

Is my project suitable for QBI solar asset management software?

If you are managing a Solar-pv portfolio or starting a solar asset project, QBI Software may be the right solar asset manager for you. Book a free demo with one of our experts and find out how you can make the most of our solution.

Who can use this solution?

QBI’s solar asset management software was developed to tackle the asset life-cycle challenge with digital solutions, from an early-stage development phase right through to operation. That is the reason why business developers, project managers, asset managers, performance analysts, FP&A Professionals and fund managers in the renewable energy industry are delighted with our solutions.

How can my project meet all the regulatory compliance for solar assets?

Solar energy has unique compliance requirements. Ensure your portfolios meet these requirements with the QBI platform. Review tasks and compliance needs on an ongoing basis and assign tasks to specific employees or teams to implement the needed actions.

Can this software fit into the particularities of my solar portfolio?

Business processes have a lot of particularities, not only based on the technology or the country, but also on each customer. QBI can be tailored to specific customer needs, using exactly the same parameters, KPIs, and terminology to ensure an easy integration within your team.

I use different sources to measure and track my data, will QBI support all of them?

Our software is capable of extracting and collecting all your data sources and building a centralized data warehouse. QBI is able to talk with the main manufacturers of site DAS/monitoring/SCADA, ERPs, CMMs etc., integrating into the same warehouse all the data that may impact your business and make your sources talk.

The Solar Asset manager you need to boost your portfolio’s performance and profitability.