Benefits Especially Suited for the Wind Industry

QBI is a powerful renewable energy asset management platform designed for wind energy asset owners. It provides a centralized view coupled with cutting-edge analytics that brings about handy insights. The design and contents of this tool are the results of our extensive experience in the industry.

Thanks to the automation capability of the software, you can forget about the problems that accompany manual handling of data, reports, etc. There will be no more legal battles arising from missed regulations and licenses.


Save time and resources with the QBI renewable energy asset management software: The KeyMarket’s 2020 In (Sight) Report indicates that automation can help salvage at least six weeks of worker time annually.


Enjoy inbuilt data visualization to keep track of your crucial KPIs. The QBI software for wind energy generates data essentials automatically and provides specific KPIs according to your needs.


When you merge your existing systems with the QBI platform, you activate the automatic interchange of wind energy and related data.


You have wind performance data and crucial business information in one place. It is easy to set standards and ensure they are met even without manual data entry.


Use the QBI wind asset management software for accurate energy data for actionable insights. You can now start making business decisions with confidence and forget about intuitions.


and start managing your solar asset portfolio with QBI software



Automated Invoicing

QBI’s wind asset management tool offers superior efficiency. The integration brings about swift and reliable billing management. You can generate invoices and send them to your customers automatically.

End-To-End Business Platform

With the QBI wind asset management platform, all the information concerning wind energy assets can be found in a central location. The platform is a single source of truth that offers clarity of the asset lifecycle, from project initiation to operation.

Team Collaboration

The sophisticated QBI tool offers the perfect means for both internal team members and external partners to access information.The incorporation of permission levels in our advanced platform that allows for various roles means that every stakeholder gets whatever information they need.

Document Management

Manage and exchange any document or contract about your wind assets on the QBI platform. You can fasten your business deals, track your users, and view all file activities, thanks to the secure virtual data room (VDR) that is the QBI platform.

Completely Customizable Platform

Tune the QBI platform anyhow you wish and include modules suitable for your business requirements. Customization could be based on specifics of not only customer needs but also technology and country of origin.

Health and safety management

Run your wind energy facilities efficiently and safely because the QBI platform is designed for timely collection and reporting of all incidents and events to ensure full compliance and promote the safety of your team.

legal entities

Our tool covers all your wind energy ownership structures in such a way that you can visualize them within seconds. Access information regarding your company’s legal arrangement and stakeholders via this intuitive platform.

Land Management

All the land information regarding your wind energy assets – landowners’ details, leases, contracts, and so on – are manageable through the QBI Solutions wind asset management software.

In-depth Analytics and Reporting

Various data sources can integrate and your business can transform, as you create a centralized data warehouse and focus on meaningful KPIs.

Request a free demo and hear how we can help transform the management of your wind energy assets.

Frequently asked questions

What is QBI software?

QBI is the most reliable, scalable, and secure energy business management platform for your wind energy business. The tool is highly flexible so it can suit your unique business needs. Created on the most robust architecture, and based on industry best practices, you can plan and execute your wind asset growth journey in any way you wish. It’s your wind energy portfolio, your way.

Does the QBI solar asset management software make sense for my wind energy project?

Whether you are just starting your wind asset project or handling an expansive wind portfolio, you may want to engage the QBI software as your wind asset manager. Start this journey to optimizing this solution by booking a free demo with one of the QBI software specialists.

Who can use this software?

The designers of the wind asset management software sought to use digital remedies to challenges related to the wind asset life cycle. Since this software is applicable at different stages of the project from inception to operation, it is relevant to all project players – fund managers, asset managers, financial planning and analysis professionals, and project developers among others.

How can I ensure full wind asset regulatory compliance for my project?

Wind energy projects have several compliance requirements. Use the QBI platform to ensure regulatory compliance with your wind portfolios. Analyze the tasks and compliance requirements of your project continuously. You can also use the platform to give the related tasks to particular teams or individuals.