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How to Capture Attention with the Notification System

Does your renewable energy business need improved collaboration among team members in the various projects? You can take care of that with a notification system, whether the issue is an installation that is due for preventive maintenance or a reminder about the inventory level.

Renewable energy businesses can use automated alerts and notifications so that their team members and stakeholders are promptly updated. A notification system that captures attention triggers the necessary actions that promote uninterrupted business flow.

At QBI Solutions, we are intent on helping teams communicate more efficiently, and as a consequence, we have built an advanced notification system to make sure every team member is adequately updated.

Introducing the Notification System

A notification system allows for quick communication with team members and stakeholders about important information. Notification systems come in different forms, but typically, varied communication channels help push information to the recipients. Sometimes it is a combination of different communication channels.

The best notification system can send numerous messages to recipients in seconds. It should also reach varied user groups. Other desirable features include ease of use, the capability to capture feedback, and the capability to engage different user groups.

A notification system presents the following benefits to the organization:

  • Enhanced emergency preparedness
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Improved cohesion amongst team members and stakeholders
  • Minimal downtimes since everyone is promptly aware of maintenance schedules and outages

A notification can be sent to team members or stakeholders of a project for various reasons. This covers:

  • Emergencies – if there were dangerous situations and people needed to be alerted within seconds, a notification system comes in handy. Whenever there are adverse occurrences or leaks of dangerous substances, this system can help.
  • Compliance alert – when your renewable energy business needs to fulfill certain regulatory requirements by a set date, getting everyone on board using a notification system can help prevent non-compliance challenges.
  • Deadline reminders – if a project deadline is approaching or people need to submit their performance appraisals by a certain period, a notification system can be used
  • System maintenance – when the renewable energy systems are set for maintenance, the notification system can be used to announce the maintenance downtime.

Timely Notifications

Enjoy superior efficiency in business operations by using renewable energy asset management software with notification system capability. You will no longer have to chase after employees and stakeholders to adhere to issues. The automated notification system ensures that every important task is completed at the right time.

Smooth Scheduling of Alerts

Notification without control is unhealthy for any organization. Different groups of people usually need specific information at different times. Get a properly designed notification system to ensure that people receive only the information meant for them. With advanced technology, all the jargon can be organized and easily accessible to employees and stakeholders.

Customized Notifications

As indicated above, capturing attention with the notification system is also about having the notifications customized. A proper asset management software allows for the adjustment of setting so that alerts are designed for a particular recipient. With such software, the user can be sure that everything is handled, even if the workload is heavy and complex.

All this is in the Notification System with QBI

QBI Solutions is a world-renowned renewable energy asset management software designed for businesses seeking to improve and secure the value of their assets through business insights.

Our notification system is designed for superior collaboration that is defined by team members working faster with everyone. We built a system that has multi-role-based permission levels for all members and stakeholders so that access is individualized. It offers the best way to capture someone’s attention.

The multi-role permission levels are exactly what one needs for a customized access level, be it a specific portfolio on sale or a country of interest. You have total control of this notification system and can base the access on specific user needs.

Total control is the most amazing feature of our notification system, whereby you can create roles as you wish and determine the level of access to a project. Share documentation to a project and control access without having to duplicate shared folders.

In case you want to audit the happenings in the system, you can get all the information you need from the QBI log.


The COVID-19 pandemic may have unearthed the blind spots in organizational operation, but it gave the perfect platform to create solutions. From managing the safety and security of teams in remote locations to the typical communication between teams, the pandemic has underlined the big role of flawless communication.

An advanced notification system is a powerful communication solution that can promote organizational collaboration and create an environment for higher success.

To further deliberate about the power of a notification system such as QBI in capturing attention, contact us today.

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