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Energy Reports with QBI

Large renewable energy companies operate a wide array of assets, whether they are inventories, IT equipment, or machinery. All may run well until the company needs to rely on actionable data and reports. It is just a matter of time before every renewable energy company rushes for insightful data to know the direction to take for expansion or evolution.

Armed with energy reports, asset managers have an overview of every asset under them. The data is crucial because it makes management easier and improves results. Energy reports work differently and present varied advantages, but the goal is still the same – to monitor asset performance.

Have you checked out how energy reports with QBI work?

Categories of Energy Reports

Energy reports come in different forms, from maintenance scheduling reports to asset disposal reports.

One of the most popular energy reports is the inventory report. Apart from giving a summary of assets, this report helps in ensuring the utilization of company items.

There is the maintenance scheduling report that is also critical for a renewable energy company because it focuses on the physical assets. An in-depth maintenance report helps stay on track with asset efficiency status. Some of the information you can expect to find in this energy report is the lifecycle progress of the solar or wind asset.

Financial reports provide crucial asset information in regards to purchase price, depreciation, valuation, and disposal. The reports are typically about the fixed assets of the company, or property, plant, and equipment (PPE).

The Health of Your Energy Reports Matters

Proper and accurate reports are crucial in renewable energy asset management. The way an asset manager presents data matters.

When giving a report, more than just presenting information is required. The audience is looking for a compelling presentation about the gains so far and what the future portends.

As an energy asset manager, you interact with a range of tools daily to keep the physical assets and facilities running smoothly. However, the one tool that can propel your organization to higher success or hamper growth is the reporting system. It determines whether your energy reports are delivering the expected outcomes.

Don’t even think about reporting through Excel or spreadsheets; these platforms are prone to errors.

Energy reports with the best asset software present several benefits. First, they enhance efficiency and productivity. Energy assets need to achieve the delicate balance of lower costs and optimum operational output, something only an advanced reporting system can achieve.

Energy reports form the basis for project funding from finance departments. This implies that the asset manager needs to have a way of drawing out useful data for a demonstration to the team. Approval and funding of capital renewable energy projects are easier and faster if the financial analysis is right. Without proper reports, the asset manager can find it challenging to explain to stakeholders the need for funding.

How Asset Management Software Helps

You may need all or some of these energy reports in your renewable energy business. The type necessary for your situation depends on the amount of information you need and the type of RE assets.

All in all, getting crucial asset data should be a prompt and accurate process. It shouldn’t give you headaches at all. When energy reporting is under control, it is easier to concentrate and have enough time to focus on other aspects of asset management.

The energy reports are meant to help you in making crucial strategic decisions for the company. In other words, the data derived from the reports should be in-depth and informative. Renewable energy asset management software is the best way to achieve that kind of comprehensiveness.

With asset management software, you can easily digitalize every asset data and be in a position to swiftly generate energy reports whenever you wish. QBI Solutions is a feature-rich renewable asset management software that can take your energy reporting to the next level.


 QBI Solutions, the Partner You Need

Enhance the management of your renewable energy assets with QBI solutions software and enjoy the benefits of real-time reporting to your project managers and stakeholders from any corner of the globe.

QBI Solutions is designed for customized interaction with users, who may be asset managers, technicians, operations & maintenance managers, and owners. It allows the user to perform in-depth validation and reporting. With cloud capability, this platform lets your team report on project details from any location or office.

The key features are:

  • Integration of data sources
  • Event management
  • Intelligent algorithms for data quality
  • Tailoring capability for all deliverable reports
  • Goes beyond technical information – full visibility


Business reporting for renewables must be precise, accurate, and relevant. Energy reports must capture the trends and KPIs that relate to the business’s short and long-term goals. Most important, they must be understandable to the stakeholders.

The team at QBI understands the irreplaceable role of the right reporting and has for years helped renewable energy businesses unlock their potential. For all the help you need in energy reporting, the team will be waiting for your contact.





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