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How QBI Can Help The Work of a Fund Manager?

Your institution is most likely faced with three serious risks: Misplaced spending, overspending, and underspending as far as the available funds are concerned. But the typical accounting platform can take care of these threats, or can it?

On paper, yes. However, the reality on the ground is different. Fund management for solar, wind and related projects requires a platform more powerful than the traditional ones. No doubt, an accounting platform can track cash flow, but it is not made for:

  • Showing real-time spending
  • Guaranteeing consistent and reasonable spending
  • Offering in-depth analytics
  • Performing variable analysis

QBI Solutions can help the work of a fund manager in this and more ways. Let us look at this in more detail.

Who is a Fund Manager?

The fund manager can take up many roles. You will find them in investment issuance, reporting, and analysis. While these tasks can vary widely across different organizations, the bottom line is that they can be demanding to the extent that some organizations may have more than one fund manager.

Fund managers are not reserved for hedge funds and mutual funds; these roles are also common in non-traditional setups such as renewable energy assets. QBI aligns towards the transformation of raw data into useful business insights, something a fund manager for renewable assets might need.

Financial Management and Legal Entities

Financial management and legal compliance are vital capabilities for any fund manager involved in renewables. The manager needs to track data at all times. If you are in this role, you might argue, “I have Client Relation Management systems and I am doing fine.”

Yes, the software may help you keep tabs with investors, but does it have financial management capabilities?

We may ask the same about legal compliance. One thing you can agree on is that compliance consultants may be expensive, especially where legal contentions arise. In addition, compliance may take a lot of time.

Every fund manager needs software with the capability for supporting financial management and legal entities. The QBI platform helps you to visualize complex ownership structures of your assets in just a few clicks. Whether you are looking to create different company groups, improve your documentation, centralize your company information, or collaborate, QBI is a one-stop solution.

The platform also enables your company to integrate accountancy and get full visibility of P&L and balance sheet of all its portfolios SPVs, aggregated balances, and generate tracking models. Adopt this platform for your fund manager roles and get full visibility from the kWh to the CAFD.

Variance Analysis

Variance analysis is an important tool for companies looking to attain their long-term goals. Management uses it to look at things like revenue performance, budget compliance, and prices. It is common for high data volumes to emerge as one of the issues that emanate from variance analysis.

The fund manager receives volumes of data from sales and probably many other systems in the organization. In the absence of a strong platform that integrates seamlessly with all these other systems, you are bound to regularly work with outdated data. The insights that emerge from your analysis will subsequently be inaccurate.

QBI allows you to synchronize all your systems to achieve real-time data for variance analysis. Schedule a free demo today to know how our software can help support your operations.

Multicurrency Systems

When it comes to dealing with RE contractors in far-flung places, you need a platform where you can conduct business using any currency. If you are a fund manager in Europe and receive a client inquiry from Asia, there is no problem. All you need is your device and internet.

If you need to handle a project that is halfway around the world, you have the technology.

QBI has your problem sorted, thanks to a powerful platform with multicurrency capability. Our software is used in more than 10 countries and the list is growing. That being the case, the software is applicable for different currencies so that fund managers don’t have to worry when tracking their assets from anywhere.

Cost and Price Analytics

Fund managers need cost and price analytics to determine the cost of their projects. Some kind of this type of analytics is necessary at each procurement step. The level of the analytics may vary depending on the pricing situation and the specific project. These analytics are part of what the fund manager would need to know the current economic performance of a project/

QBI can perform these analytics faster and/or give more accurate insights.

How to Tariff

Fund management often comes with different fee structures. Some, like the flat management structure, are easy to understand. It becomes a bit complicated for the client where there are wrap fees or tiered management fees.

If you are wondering how to tariff and not confuse your client, the powerful QBI software has all you need. You will be impressed by our paperless and effective billing management feature that enables you to design tariffs. This feature has impressive custom capabilities that you can learn about through the free demo.

Streamline your fund management with the comprehensive QBI asset management software. The system is not only user-friendly but also feature-rich.

So whether you are looking to outsource or initiate a fund, our team is ready to discuss with you the options available.

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