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Energy Data Management System: What is QBI Platform?

The COVID 19 pandemic has underscored the need for businesses to re-check the robustness of their facilities and processes in the event of disruptions. Project developers and investors know that even before Corona Virus befell the world, projects (especially in renewable energy and energy data management systems) were failing in droves owing to political, economic, social and technical barriers. 

Check keenly; some specific project obstacles tend to recur globally. A good example is the lack of comprehensive grid data and associated risk management. The reassuring fact is that clean energy has made substantial progress towards combating the challenges through innovative energy data management system. We can now safely say that the industry is ready for success because all “dots” can be connected through digital technologies. 

We at QBI Solutions know well that winning digital strategies in the renewable industry rely on better energy data management software. It is true that in-house methods and applications can partially do the job, but they tend to slow down the management processes. If you want to get the best out of renewables portfolio, you need to try something more flexible and competitive. QBI Solutions energy management platform is leading in this transformation.  

Background of QBI Solutions

We are a renowned digital solutions provider in operation since 2004. Business end-users and stakeholders (Developers, Financial Institutions, EPCs & Technologists, Infrastructure Funds, YieldCos and Utilities) use our platform to facilitate interactions amongst themselves. 

Our platform is a game-changer in information availability and reliability. Why would this be important for your business? QBI Solutions software helps businesses achieve more grounded and agile decisions, accelerated processes, and ultimately, higher success through efficiency and growth potential. 

Why Creating An Energy Data Management System 

The complexity and size of modern renewable energy projects compared to the past is astounding. Manual management has become increasingly difficult. To stay in tow, people are turning to energy management software, EMS. With a powerful EMS such as QBI, you can enhance the return on investment (ROI) of your assets. 

Powerful software is the answer to complete unlocking of renewable energy. In its basics form, the software simply manages the energy system. For orchestration and optimization of multiple renewable energy assets, for instance micro-grids, a more complex software is used. Continue reading to discover what role our comprehensive end-to-end QBI platform plays in the management of renewables. 

QBI Solution for Optimum and Efficient Portfolios 

We know that the uptake of renewables such as solar, wind hydro or biomass has grown tremendously in recent years. The  Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment recently reported that the decade leading to 2019 saw the doubling of the share of renewables from 5.9% to 13.4%

The flipside of this is that energy data management using conventional devices has become more treacherous because the process is highly manual. Relying on stat-of-the-art technology, QBI has developed an advanced platform that is the perfect energy management alternative. Our software enables individuals and firms to control energy production, circulation and usage. 

The QBI platform is loaded with features that make renewable energy project management extremely easy. Here it is what you will find on our software:

  • End-to-end business platform 

  • Reporting and Advanced Analytics

  • Automated invoicing

  • Document Management and VDRs

  • Legal Entities

  • Health and Safety Management

  • Land Management

  • Tasks and Compliance

  • Fully customizable tool

  • Complete collaboration with your team

The benefit of Using QBI Software

Dealing with a wide array of solar and wind projects in different parts of world places a lot of responsibility on stakeholders. For instance, the asset manager has to visit project sites and liaise between teams. 

The real benefit of using our energy management platform is that it automates tasks, thus allowing the team to do things that are more valuable. Asset managers can focus on real problem-solving instead of consuming most of their time gathering data and comparing it against baselines for reporting. Other members of the team get more time on their hands as well.   

What makes QBI Unique?

The most outstanding capability of QBI platform is that it is structured around business processes rather than technical solutions. This software links analytics solutions to a clear plan for process optimization and monetization following a business-driven development (BDD) agile approach. 

You can rely on the experienced QBI product managers to identify which data sources and technical solutions are necessary and follow up with user training. This software is configurable to the client’s specific needs to achieve the single source of truth. 

Are you ready for the QBI Solution? 

If there is one thing that QBI cherishes more than a digital transformation, it is the worth of taking action. Transferring your renewable energy project data to the cloud is not a one-day journey. But the efficiencies and convenience offered after building your energy data management system with the QBI software are too good to overlook. 


So, are you on the journey? Have you noticed how much you may be losing by still relying on manual methods? Could your asset management brigade be more efficient? QBI Solutions is waiting to be part of the journey to sustainable success for using the latest energy asset management software

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