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Renewable Energy Portfolio: How QBI Fits Into to it?

In the last two decades, renewable energy has recorded the fastest growth rate within the umbrella energy sector. A new report indicates that $530 billion is planned for new energy generation, with close to two-thirds going to renewables.

One might assume that only utilities are investing in mixed renewable energy portfolios. However, the truth is that there are a growing number of private investors investing in renewables. They are attracted by the benefits of these sources. Whether you are a utility or a private entity, how well are you managing your portfolio?

QBI Solutions can fit into your renewable energy portfolio and remove all the uncertainties. Your road to optimal profitability is here and we’ll tell you why. Keep reading.

Is a mixed portfolio a problem?

If you have a complex renewable energy portfolio, the benefits from the QBI platform can be monumental. You may be wondering what makes a portfolio complex. Well, the first indication that yours may have entered this league is the number of projects you are handling.
But it doesn’t stop there. There are some other pointers to the complexity of a renewable energy asset base as outlined below:

● Geographical expanse or spread
● A wide range of insurance policies
● Multiple people or parties in the collaboration
● Need to track different important dates- maintenance, fees renewals, events, claims, etc.
● Many licenses and permits
● Contracts, documents, invoices, etc

You need QBI Solutions input if your renewable energy portfolio is still growing. Probably you are looking at your mixed renewable energy portfolio and saying, “No, my assets are still limited.” But have you considered the possibility of scaling up things soon? When you have more assets, you will most likely require a larger workforce. More people in the team translate into more processes. You need the QBI tool to aid you in this crucial transition process.

Data for any business is essential. In a mixed renewable energy portfolio scenario, the need to base business decisions on data is necessary. As long as the RE portfolio is availing of data from different sources, you need quality asset management software. A platform that compares oranges with oranges and apples with apples is the best path for making worthwhile decisions. Putting these data on excel files can be treacherous. You need our modern asset management approach.

The more mixed the renewable energy portfolio is, the more the number of stakeholders and teammates are involved, and the higher the chances of mistakes. Inefficiencies and poor communication can easily occur where confusion thrives. If you need to collaborate with more colleagues, suppliers, and vendors, it could be a mixed portfolio situation. It is a good indicator of business growth, but it can quickly become messy with all the agreements and collaborations that need maintaining.

I have no idea what method you are using to manage your mixed renewable energy portfolio. But I know some companies are still relying on the conventional combination of calendars, email, and Microsoft Excel. If the current approach is eating a lot of your time and energy, why not change? What would you say if I told you that you don’t have to always peruse through volumes of files or use a line of tools? Switching to QBI Solutions would be a real upgrade.

QBI Solutions, the Answer You Need

When you have a mixed renewable energy portfolio that you are yet to automate, you badly need a few things. Reduced costs of doing business, efficiency in your operations, and sustainable data accuracy are some of the results of an engagement with QBI.

When you get into our platform, you immediately start enjoying higher efficiency and more time for yourself and your team. Consider the effect of aligning your renewable energy PPA invoicing to QBI.

Getting crucial KPIs for your mixed renewable energy portfolio is still possible with Excel, but you need to remember that you have to create the graphs manually. QBI offers inbuilt visualization so that analysis is swifter and better.

Nothing streamlines operations of a mixed RE portfolio than adherence to standards. You probably already have CMMS and other systems in your business. With QBI, you can bring all these onboard. This can allow you to manage and update your crucial information and processes from a single platform. With the elimination of manual entries and therefore the existence of fewer errors, it is possible to set standards for your team.

RE asset management software like QBI saves you resources and time. It is a platform where you can schedule tasks and reminders so your workflow can always be streamlined and seamless. Preventive and Predictive management of your mixed renewable energy portfolio helps avoid adherence to crucial compliance requirements. With nothing falling through the cracks, there will be no penalties to worry about and any new manager will just blend in, including your financial management.

You Can Start Partnership Today

Mixed renewable energy portfolios are taking over the market. Advance in technology in wind and solar means that owning and managing farms is easier than a few years ago. Like we always insist at QBI Solutions, an increase in portfolio expanse and complexity calls for more effective asset management. You don’t have to encounter challenges when you have a cloud-based solution.

A single source of truth is all you need to have full visibility of your fleet lifecycle. Get in touch with QBI Solutions to immediately start the journey to the most reliable asset management anytime, anywhere.

About QBI:

QBI offers an end-to-end process optimization and information integration platform that allows our clients to manage their assets and operate optimally in all stages of the project: development, construction, asset management, and M&A. It is designed by, and for, renewable energy professionals, and is flexible and configurable by country, state or region, and technology, regardless of the energy source. Your projects, associated tasks, documentation, dashboards and other project-related information are centralized and digitized.

Additionally, we can connect to any peripheral information system, thus optimizing the use of your infrastructure and assets, reducing operational costs, driving energy efficiency initiatives and improving the financial return on your investment. If you want to join the more than 17 GW of Controlled Capacity managed through QBI, then we have all the information you need in our website.

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