Renewable energy invoices

Check out QBI’s paperless and effective billing management feature. Generate invoices automatically by connecting to your energy meters and send them from the platform, as easy as it seems.


Design your energy tariffs

Design your tariff according to the revenue scheme of your site. The tariff module can be tailored to any of the worldwide revenue schemes with the ability to generate Rates/MWh, Capacity Payments, NMCs, ROCs/SRECs or even merchant prices. Attach all your PPA related documentation for further traceability.

Automatic pool prices gathering

QBI connects automatically to the main energy markets and downloads the energy hourly prices. Get a sense of your kurtosis factor and generate automatic invoices on the very first day of the month.

Don’t miss a kWh

The system will propose you all the energy that was generated and still has not been invoiced. Don’t ever miss a kWh, and maximize your revenue. If the meter has read the energy, the invoice is ready to be issued.

Custom templates

In QBI everything is customizable, also the invoices templates. Adapt them to be consistent with your brand’s look-and-feel.

Customer relation

Grant your customers access to the QBI platform. Build a centralized repository of all the invoices generated, contracts in place, site performance, and so on.

Bulk generation

A distributed generated fleet can be composed of thousands of assets, with a single click all the energy invoices for the month will be generated and sent via email to all your customers. As easy as it seems.

Payments follow up

Track your payments and due invoices, control your payable balance.