Focus on what adds value to your energy business

Our renewable energy management software is built around business, to help all the different departments in all the stages of the project life cycle.

All departments can work together under the same environment using a single source of truth for documentation, pipeline management, compliance, performance and financial data …

Use your time in added value activities for your company, avoid rework, automate time-consuming deliverables and stop wasting time looking for documentation.


One single source of truth

Collect all your information and communications in a centralized, accessible and traceable repository. Project and company information, pipeline and backlog, documents, devices, contacts, asset register, spares inventory, HSE incidents, land plots etc. All necessary info at glance and available for all the organization.

Data Sources integration

Integrate all the data sources impacting your business building a centralized data warehouse. Field technical data, ERPs financial information, O&M tickets… all under the same platform.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with all the stakeholders including companies outside your organization (O&M providers, technical and legal advisors, financial entities, investors…). Break the silos and let the information flow in a secure, updated and fast way without spending time emailing and creating shared folders with third parties.

Resources and processes management

Get full control over the business cycle: Development, EPC, M&A Transactions, Due Diligence and Asset Management. Manage your business processes through milestones using GANNT charts, schedule recurring tasks and reminders.

Multi-technology. Multi-country. Multi-currency.

Is your fleet getting complicated? QBI is able to manage different technologies: solar PV, thermo solar, wind, storage, biogas, hydro… with particularized attributes, revenue schemes and processes by country specifics. Exchange rates and aggregated reporting is not an issue anymore.

Invest time analyzing Vs reporting

Save time with automated reporting and deliverables and utilize that time to analyze and make business decisions to optimize your fleet.

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