Operation Management Tool Designed for Professionals

Renewable energy management for professionals

“Designed by renewable energy professionals, for renewable energy professionals”

Boosting your business growth requires not losing sight of your goals. Using many different tools may have that negative effect on your company and slow down your growth.

With QBI you can manage your business with confidence through one single platform. QBI platform keeps all your departments aligned on the same path to success, adapts to any technology, project or asset lifecycle and provides you with insightful data for optimal business decision taking.

Avoid rework, break all your organizational information silos, and let the data flow reducing time and costs.

The platform covers all stages of the asset lifecycle, from greenfield to brownfield, including development and construction phases, drastically reducing assets on-boarding time, enabling you to manage task workflows and associated cash needs, providing traceable management of all your relevant documentation and securing a single source of truth that facilitates the trust of both internal teams and third parties.

You will be able to generate limited roles for external stakeholders (potential buyers, legal and technical advisors, financial entities…) so the evolution of the up-to-date project’s development milestones are always easily accessible at their fingerprints.

Organize VDRs during the sale process, having full inventory of all the files available in the data rooms, controlling all the actions performed by every player in the transaction (who uploads, downloads or views documents and when) and obtaining detailed reports to speed up M&A transactions and the eventual asset transfer.

Create Q&A repositories for each of the participants in the process, auditing any changes during the transaction.

Track construction progress, key payments, HSE incidents, equipment inventory, contacts, land plots… in a centralized environment allowing you to consolidate the main KPIs of all your projects under construction or development.


QBI makes the life of the asset manager much easier by integrating energy invoicing, accountancy, performance data, inventory, and maintenance activities all under the same management environment, enabling you to take total control over your P&L without moving away from the QBI platform.

Contracts and all the relevant documentation are handy and tasks, due dates, and recurrent deliverables are automatized. Reporting monthly performance, financials, health and safety incidents and generating energy invoices are only one click away. .

Valuable insights derived from deep dives into time-series collected from the different equipment, our events generation engine or our CMMS ticket integration module are just some of the features that your performance analysts will benefit from.

Categorize and assess all your energy losses (controllable, uncontrollable, environmental…) both in kWh and income loss.

Everything centralized in the same screen, no matter how many distinct data acquisition systems you have.


QBI facilitates the financial management of the complete hierarchy of all your legal entities (YieldCos, HoldCos, AssetCos, SPVs…) tracking the CAFD closing upstream against different scenarios, budgets and forecasts for multiple entities.

We automate your variance analysis at the highest level of granularity. Our solution focuses on analyzing your results by streamlining the process of collecting and aggregating information from different sources.

QBI facilitates full synchronization of the accounting systems of the above hierarchy of entities allowing for customizable account mapping in different groups or GAAPs. We provide a comprehensive multi-currency and multi-GAAP solution to reporting P&Ls, balance sheets, cash flow and senior/SHL debt balance statements across your portfolio at the required consolidation/aggregation level within your hierarchy.

The system operates multiple scenarios, allows for CAFD reporting, provides cash waterfalls, and calculates sensitivity analyses of IRR/NPV among other advanced features. You can classify and normalize cost analytics as needed (€/MWp, €/MWh).

Our software synchronizes seamlessly with your asset database feeding into the repository of fleet parameters. You can create your energy income accruals based on a tariffs’ library synched to the production and performance data.



Our platform is built to cover all the tasks and needs in your energy business. Contact a specialist and we will show you what QBI’s platform can do for you.