Back office services

Keep your team focused on your core business and let QBI team help you with recurrent tasks such as onboarding, reporting, AOP and BOQ estimation and upload, among other low value-added activities related to your fleet management.


Give your team the help they need in their daily tasks. QBI can help you with the onboarding of new assets and assist you with the environment configuration, users’ role definition and setup, tasks workflow process implementation, land plots data upload, dashboards and static reports, customization, energy estimates scenarios, asset model and any further onboarding activities you may need.



Let our team help you out with your data quality assurance. On the one hand we introduce automatic algorithms that allow us to fill data gaps due to communication issues or equipment fails and to discard peaks or wrong values that may impact in the final KPIs that drive your business, solving 95% of the data issues. On the other hand, we offer the service of periodical data quality manual reviews to achieve 100% of data cleanliness.

We can make big data analyses of your fleet time-series information, detecting underperformance at all levels from meters, turbines/inverters or combiner boxes to string level allowing your fleet to perform at its best.

Team up with QBI to outsource your recurring reporting and analytics. We can help your company with weekly data quality reviews, manual inputs for monthly actuals, reference performance and financial scenarios on a monthly basis, a variety of dynamic BI dashboards and statics reports (PDF, Word, Excel…) for which users could subscribe and schedule to receive in their mail inbox. Invite our team to your performance review meetings to get immediate support on any question related with performance data and KPIs.



Besides having an end-to-end, customizable, and user-friendly business management tool with a document management system, our experienced team can support you with your daily document management tasks.

Focus on your core business and leave to us all the daily recurrent duties such as uploading and classifing documents and different tariffs or creating folder structures.

M&A transactions require an excellent preparation on your behalf, that is why our support team can help you at every stage of the merger and acquisition processes, dealing with tasks such as the generation of secured roles for external stakeholders, the creation of Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) to share documentation or the preparation and management of Q&A repositories to support the transaction. All these features are included in our tool under the strictest security protocols and replace the expensive DMS software traditionally used in M&A transactions.



In addition to the features that the platform provides, QBI team offers the possibility to design data science and business intelligence solutions tailored to your particular needs or develop specific integrations with other platforms and data sources.