Tailored to your organization

Business processes have a lot of particularities not only based on the technology or the country but also on each customer. QBI can be tailored to specific customer needs, using exactly the same parameters, KPIs, and terminology to ensure an easy adoption within your team.


Custom Processes by Technology and Country

Because developing solar projects is not the same as wind, QBI can be configured with specific templates based on the technology and/or the country where your project is located.

Avoid unnecessary fields

All the forms request fields based on the technology and the country, avoiding doubts in the end-user on whether it applies or not to the project. The system will only ask for what is applicable.


QBI platform can be adapted to your company brand, with the same look and feel as your internal company tools.

Mandatory Fields

Depending on the completion progress, some information is a must prior to handover to the next team. In QBI you can prevent changing the stage of a project if all the mandatory predefined fields are not fulfilled.

Training courses management

With the training module, you can upload your particular training videos of your corporation and track if the new joiners have completed the courses. Speed up the onboarding in the company from basic to more complex internal procedures you may have.

Folder Structure

Our VDRs are completely virtual and cloud-based, replicate exactly your internal folder structure for easy adoption of the team. Keep updated the folder structure for all the projects with just one click.