Visualize complex ownership structures in just a few clicks

Get full visibility of all your stakeholders and internal legal structure from SPV level to YieldCo at glance.

QBI covers the corporate management of all the legal entities within your organization, carries out the monitoring of subsidiaries and shares and centralizes all data related to the legal activities, legal entities’ repository, shareholders, executive directors, and oversight bodies (board of directors, committees, etc).



Central repository of all your suppliers, customers and SPVs information.

Document Management

Upload and tag all the companies’ related documentation (Deeds, contracts, invoices…)

Legal Structure

Define relation between companies, tax equity investors, parent company, % of ownership, share´s class relation…

Company Groups

Create different groups of companies based on your needs (VAT groups, acquisition groups…)


Integrate your accountancy and get full visibility of P&L and balance sheet of all your portfolios SPVs, aggregated balances, generate tracking models… Get full visibility from the kWh to the CAFD.


Grant access to your stakeholders to the QBI platform so they have the ability to upload documentation for you. For example, make available all the “as built” documents and “site manuals” to the O&M contractor, or all the “energy invoices” to the auditors without duplicating files in different folders that are not updated anymore, and with total control of the security based on roles.